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Schuessler salts for purification and weight loss

You can rely on Adler Pharma for highly effective Schuessler salts


The Hepaxen combination mobilises toxins that are difficult to eliminate, such as amalgam, and promotes their release. This is the first step for weight loss.

Cell Basic is a detoxifying combination of Schuessler salts to ensure healthy weight loss.

You can support the effects of Cell Basic by bathing with BaseCare alkaline bath, and drinking Adler Pharma's famous metabolic teas.
These products assist the breakdown and release of toxins, as well as the regulation of acid and alkaline levels, in order to support healthy and lasting weight loss.

Different Schuessler salt combinations to purify and release


Hepaxen and Cell Basic Adler Pharma are specialised, professionally constituted combinations of Schuessler salts of the highest quality which are produced in-house.

Please click on the variety of Schuessler creations to support your weight loss:

  • Hepaxen
  • Cell Basic
  • Metabolic tea
  • BaseCare Bath
  • Mineral nutrient bathing salts

If you are searching for Schuessler salts to aid purification, you are in the right place with Adler Pharma. Should you require any further information, please direct your inquiries to our staff, or ask for help in the official Schuessler forum.


Cell Basic

Cell Basic

According to Dr Schuessler, mineral nutrients should be understood as a regulatory therapy, best suited to general health care and prevention of illness. They are intended as complementary medicine to accompany or support medical therapy. Dr Schuessler differentiates between active materials necessary for cellular operations and those essential to bodily composition.
The mineral nutrients are diluted so that they can be directly absorbed through tissue membrane into the blood stream. Schuessler salts are high quality, potentiated homeopathic medicines. They deliver active materials to our cells that the body lacks for cellular operations.

At the start, let 3 teaspoons of powder dissolve in the mouth over the course of the day, or dissolve 3 teaspoons of powder in 750ml of water and take sips spread out over the course of the day. After 10 days, the dose can be increased to 3 tablespoons spread out over the course of the day. Normally, it is recommended to take a full course of 8 weeks one or two times a year.
Special tip:
This medicine is not recommended for use during pregnancy or the lactation period.

Packing size:350 g
PZN: 3207517


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