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Bach flower essences

Original Bach flowers from England

Dr. Bach discovered the flower essences in the 1930s. Since time immemorial there is an invisible bond between man and plant. In the descriptions of the 38 Bach Flowers, we can rediscover all facets of our constitution – the one we are currently in or into which we have fallen.

The Healingherbs® manufactory in England was founded in 1988 by Julian Barnard. Julian Barnard sees Dr. Bach’s work as a basis and motivation for his work. Healingherbs® produces Bach flower essences strictly according to the original instructions of Edward Bach. All flowers and plants are taken from wild growing stocks and are processed gently by hand. The Original Bach Flower essences from Healingherbs® correspond to their uniquely pure, natural state.
For more than 30 years, Healingherbs® has remained true to its high manufacturing standards and provides authenticity through company growth.


The Bach Flower essences are made strictly according to the original instructions of Edward Bach. Edward Bach dissolved one part of mother tincture in 400 parts alcohol for his flower essences. This classic mixing ratio, called ‘stock concentrate’ in the so-called stock bottle (‘stockbottle’), is guaranteed by Healingherbs® for all Bach flowers. Healingherbs® uses organic cognac for Bach Flower Essences.

Selection of Healingherbs

Bach flowers can be used alone or as a mixture of up to six different essences. The 38 original Bach flower Essences are divided into three groups:

The First Twelve
First, find out if any of the ‘First Twelve’ matches your personality. Impatiens
People are tense and thus easily irritable, while Mimulus people are shy and nervous.

The ‘Seven Helpers’
See if there is a condition under the ‘Seven Helpers’ that describes in what way
Habitually encounter life.

The ‘Second Nineteen’
In the ‘Second Nineteen’ look for one or more essences that describe your emotional state in everyday situations.

Application of Healingherbs
Edward Bach identified one positive and one negative aspect for each flower essence. He regarded the negative as the cause of disharmony and suffering. The flowers embody the positive state – their natural vibrations help us to be happy and well again.
Healingherbs® essences are concentrates. To prepare a Bach flower mixture, add 2 drops of the selected essences to a 30 ml pipette bottle filled with still water. You can preserve this bottle for prolonged use with some brandy or fruit vinegar (2/3 still water to 1/3 brandy).
Take 4 x 4 drops of your mixture daily.
If necessary, you can also add 2 drops of concentrate to a glass of water and drink throughout the day in small sips. Of course you can also take the essences dropwise directly from the storage bottle.