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Homeopathic Medicine for Children

Adler HOM – complex remedies homeopathy for children.

For homeopathic medicines, a distinction is made between individual remedies and complex remedies.
Complex agents are harmonized with each other and contain several, in an application area effective Einzelmitaktivtel. The various ingredients contained in the Adler HOM complex agents cause a deep, broad effect and complement each other in their effect.

On the one hand to have an effective preparation available, which on the other hand is also low in risk and side effects, it makes sense to combine homeopathic individual remedies in a combined preparation.
Complex agents are more stable because they complement each other in their effect.
The goal of Complex Homeopathy is: A quick grip to the effective remedy, complexing agents are suitable
to self-medication.

Already Samuel Hahnemann suggested that certain diseases, which for the same cause always run the same way (eg flu, cold), by the same means, d. H. to treat after the diagnosis. That, in addition, the sensible combination of several remedies can have a positive effect on recovery, u. a. on experiences well-known
Homeopaths back.

Quote Professor Bürgi – Bern: “Two or more drugs with the same functional change, but different points of attack, potentiate their effect.”

The combination of individual remedies makes perfect sense in order to be able to treat a wider range of complaints at the same time. Homeopathic medicines are particularly suitable for health complaints,
which you can treat yourself simply, gently and practically.
Homeopathic complex remedies from Adler HOM specifically activate the self-healing powers of your body.


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