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Schuessler Salts 1-12

Adler Pharma produces Schüßler salts of the highest quality. Our Schüßler salts are without wheat starch and thus 100% gluten-free and are produced without magnesium stearate, they melt fine-velvety in the mouth.

The Adler Pharma Schüssler salts are filled into odorless plastic cans made of polypropylene and without plasticizer.

Schuessler salts contain the carrier lactose, which is especially important for people with lactose intolerance. If you are sensitive to lactose but have not been diagnosed with lactose intolerance then it is recommended to take the Schuessler salts throughout the day. The Schüßler salts are best melted individually in the mouth, it is also possible to dissolve them in a glass of water and take sips.

Please note: Lactose is sensitive to moisture and quickly absorbs odors from the environment. Therefore, keep the cans closed, in dry rooms and in odorless places.

For diabetics, 48 ​​tablets equals 1 bread unit.

1 Adler Pharma Schüßler salt tablet contains 0.98 kcal or 0.02 BE (bread units).
Schüßler salts with number stamping
So that you can better keep the individual Schuessler salts apart, all tablets are marked with the corresponding number.

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