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No. 9 Natrium phosphoricum D6 chewable tablet

Schuessler chewable tablets       

  • suitable for people with lactose intolerance
  • suitable for diabetics
  • good for your tooth
  • without wheat starch, therefore gluten-free


For persons with lactoseinterolance!

Schuessler chewable tablets contain isomalt and mannitol as their main ingredients, making them suitable for people with lactose intolerance. The Schuessler chewable tablets are 1: 1 in terms of potentiation and dosage and in the sense of biochemical healing method according to the considerations. Schüßler apply. From now on, lactose-intolerant persons can safely access these Schüßler chewable tablets from Adler Pharma and no longer have to choose the detour via the alcohol-containing dilutions.

Now even diabetics can take their Schüßler salts!
With the Schuessler chewable tablets from Adler Pharma, you have a product in your hands that almost does not stress the insulin budget. Isomalt, the main component in terms of quantity, has a very low glycemic index (2!) And lowers the blood sugar level.

Schuessler chewable tablets from Adler Pharma are tooth-friendly, because they do not cause tooth decay, because isomalt is not split in the mouth. This avoids plaque formation. The remineralization of previous caries damage is positively influenced.

Not suitable for animals
Please note that due to the composition of the chewable tablets, they should NOT be given to animals. Animals can not metabolize isomalt!

Schüßler salts with number stamping
So that you can better keep the individual Schuessler salts apart, all tablets are marked with the corresponding number.

Package size: 100g