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Ointment No. 12

Metabolism of the skin



Use weakness in cellulite and connective tissue. The topical agents basically have the advantage that the active ingredients go directly to the treatment site without detours, which often takes longer when taking the minerals. Ointments are used when the affected skin needs fat because the skin is too dry (low in fat), cracked or rough. In addition, the effect of minerals in the ointments is longer lasting because ointments do not move so fast. The highly diluted minerals No. 1 to No. 12 are added individually as ointments in plastic tubes of 50 ml and 200 ml, respectively. We recommend mixing the ointments together to keep the mixture stable. When mixed with cream gels, they may not be compatible with the raw materials.

Pack size: 50 ml A-PZN: 2213013, D-PZN: 02734574

Pack size: 200 ml A-PZN: 2375678, D-PZN: 02734580

Information on effects and possible adverse effects is provided in the leaflet, doctor or pharmacist.

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50 ml, 200 ml