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Schuessler salt medicine chest

Keeping health and well-being out of a box. The Schüßler Salts home pharmacy from Adler Pharma – a good companion when traveling!


The medicine chest is today in many places as a relic from bygone times. It contained tried and tested home remedies for various minor ailments that outlasted and reliably helped generations.
While a doctor needs to be consulted for serious illnesses, a Schüßler Salts home and first aid kit can be helpful in everyday small aches and pains.

Adler Pharma Box
The most important products for your medicine cabinet are available in the compact Adler-Pharma-Box with 12 base Schüßler salts and “Feichtinger’s Miniguide”, which contains about 600 applications. Also included: 1 tube of Gel W for the care of mild blemishes and 1 tube ointment H to accompany dry room air.

Whether for home use or traveling, Schüßler salts are an important companion for your children and the whole family!

Daily help and prevention
A Schüßler Salts home pharmacy is a way to revive the medicine chest. It is used for minor ailments and, thanks to its compact shape, is always easy to access even when on the move. Targeted Schüßler use can also prevent diseases. No. 3 Ferrum phosphoricum, for example, helps children with recurring infections. For babies own Schüßler products, if break the first teeth or bloating colic occur. The Schuessler salts also help with insomnia and vaccinations.