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What you should know about storage

Proper storage of Schuessler products is essential to avoid any change in taste. Not every place, not every container is suitable for this. What you need to know about the Schuessler salt storage, you will learn from the experts of Adler Pharma.

Store Schuessler salts correctly

The choice of the location is important and should not be underestimated. Schuessler salts absorb odors very easily, so they should always be kept in sealed containers. Kitchen and bathroom are especially critical places.

If you want to avoid the smell of food, spices, perfumes or detergents that you may also taste while taking it, you should choose different premises to store your Schuessler salts.

Well closed is half won

To minimize the risk of external influences, you should keep your mineral salts under lock and key. Make sure that the cans with the individual Schuessler salts are always well closed. It is best to store these in a separate cabinet or drawer dedicated primarily or exclusively to this purpose. Do not store with odor-intensive objects!