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Tips for use and dosage

In the case of Schuessler salts ingestion, attention must be paid to the correct mixture of the individual, recommended salts and their distribution throughout the day. The desired number of pieces is counted out of the individual cans, placed in a small bowl and then thoroughly mixed. The mixture is received throughout the day.

Take Schuessler salts correctly

In the optimal case, let the minerals melt individually in the mouth. Of course, several tablets can be taken at once in the mouth. Alternatively, the minerals are dissolved in water. Take the solution by mouth and keep every single sip in the mouth for as long as possible, since the active ingredients are absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat.

Dissolve the minerals in water

First fill a glass with cold water. Now carefully empty the tablets without stirring. After five to ten minutes, take the solution sip by sip. Note that a little lactose gets into the solution.

Just how urgently the body needs the right minerals is shown by how fast they melt and how sweet they taste, with both factors occurring simultaneously. In order to be able to compare the individual minerals to their liking, salts must be chosen by the same manufacturer.


If you have further questions about the correct intake of Schüßler salts, the Adler-Pharma team will be happy to help.

Tips for diabetics

For diabetics, it is recommended to use the Schuessler salts in the form of a solution, with 48 tablets containing lactose corresponding to one unit of bread.

Schuessler chewable tablets, the alternative for people with lactose intolerance and diabetes:

The Schuessler chewable tablets contain isomalt and mannitol as main constituent and are to be used 1:1 with regard to potentiation and dosage. For diabetics: the very low glycemic index (2!) Hardly affects the blood sugar level. Please note: due to the content of Isomalt, Schuessler Chewable Tablets are not suitable for animals. Further information about the Schuessler chewable tablets can be found here and in every Schuessler pharmacy.