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A consultation with Andrea Voigt

IMPORTANT: Due to the current Corona situation, appointments may be canceled or postponed.

Voigt, our very experienced mineral consultant and consultant, performs face analyzes and consultations in pharmacies. In the face analysis, deficiencies in minerals are detected long before health problems have resolved. In this way, you can operate on the intake of Schüßler salts a disease prevention. Andrea Voigt would be pleased to advise you if you would like to know which mineral deficiencies you have and which minerals you should top up and above all in which dosage. A facial analysis combined with a consultation is certainly the best option in this case. For a good consultation, it is absolutely necessary to arrive unvarnished on the agreed date. Get your personal consultation and register in time in your pharmacy for facial analysis.

Unfortunately, due to the current corona situation, no appointments can be held.


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