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Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schüssler is the founder of the healing method, which as "biochemistry after Dr. Schüssler" became known.

1821 until 1898

Schüssler was originally a homeopathic doctor in Oldenburg. He lived from 1821 to 1898, at a time when there was a great shift from natural philosophy to natural science medicine.

During this time Justus von Liebig, Jacob Moleschott or Rudolf Virchow published their groundbreaking research and influenced Schüßler substantially.

Schuessler used in the healing process he founded, which he originally called "abbreviated therapy", basically minerals that "belong to the permanent existence of a healthy human cell," as he described it.

Since the 12 mineral compounds that he has introduced into his system, are produced according to homeopathic regulations, these mineral compounds are still subject to the regulations that apply to homeopathic medicines.

His healing method was soon after its introduction around the world under "biochemistry after Dr. Schüssler "known and popular.

Over time, Schüssler's other mineral compounds were taken into this healing process by the successors. These minerals are known today as an expansion agent or supplement. Of these mineral compounds, a total of 21 numbers are in use today as an expansion agent.


Schuessler salts from Adler Pharma are used and processed for a variety of products in order to achieve optimal effects in various forms for a wide variety of applications.

Schuessler salts from Adler Pharma

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