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Schuessler salt production and distribution

In 1989, Susana Niedan (Master of Pharmacy) took over the license of Adler Pharmacy in Zell am See / Schüttdorf. From this time on, the company began to progressively increase its range of complementary medicines. A company for Schuessler salts was founded in summer 2000 to respond the to increasing demand for Schuessler salts. In 2010, a modern production facility in Glockner street, Bruck was established. In 2000, Adler Pharma had 2 staff members, which has since grown to 48 staff members today.


Susana Niedan-Feichtinger took over the concession

Susana Niedan-Feichtinger (Master of Pharmacy) took over the license of Adler Pharmacy in Zell am See /Schüttdorf and began to increase the range of complementary medicines, including Bach Flower therapy.


Austria's accession to the EU

With the entry of Austria into the EU, it became possible to import Schuessler salts at a low cost from Germany, and following their registration in Austria, to offer them for sale exclusively in pharmacies. The first facial creams and other external applications were developed.


Handbook of biochemistry according to Dr. med. Schuessler

Thomas Feichtinger invited Susana Niedan-Feichtinger (Master of Pharmacy) and Elisabeth Mandl to co-author a book on Schuessler salts. This led to the first manuscript of what would later be known as the Handbook on Biochemistry according to Doctor Schuessler. This became the reference work about Schuessler salts and included new psychosomatic material, which was connected to Dr Schuessler's work on biochemistry.


Authorization for pharmaceutical products

Susana Niedan-Feichtinger applied for a licence for pharmaceutical production and wholesale trade. A business premise became vacant next to the Adler Pharmacy, which was adapted to comply with requirements for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification.

In October 2000, Adler Pharma was founded as an independent company. Six months after this, external warehouses were rented in order to accommodate the large quantity of empty containers.


Founding Adler Pharma Production and Distribution GmbH

The company Adler Pharma Production and Distribution GmbH was founded and took over the whole distribution and production of Adler Topics and dietary supplements. The product range of Adler Topics continues to be further expanded and developed.


New factory building and CO2-free company

With the support of Salzburg province, the states and the EU, it was possible to erect a new production premises in Large Glockner street in Bruck. The new operating space of 2.500 m² was finished in just seven months.
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2013      Einführung der ersten 3 Zell Komplexmittel (Zell Vita, Zell Immuferin, Zell Calmin)
2015      NewZell Komplexmittel (Zell Euclim, Zell Nubliron, Zell Juvebene)
2015      New Enhaced Remedies No. 28 – Nr. 33
2015      Tom’s Gesichtscreme
2016      Schüßler Kautabletten
2016      Soft Feet, Pre Sport Gel, After Sport Recovery
2017      Adler Ortho Balance


Cell Allergy Complex

In January 2018, the 7th Cell Complex is launched: Cell Allergie Komplex. The new cell complexing agent contains a long-proven blend of 7 Schuessler salts in each tablet. Cell Allergy Complex relieves symptoms associated with hay fever and other allergies.


Homeopathic Medicine for Children

In May 2018, the new homeopathic serie for children from Adler Pharma is launched. Innovative complex homeopathy for children: sugar-free globules with indications, tailored to the needs of children. Adler HOM: YvoTour, YvoSniff and YvoSting.

Children Homeopathy - Healthy is colorful!


3 new products in the Adler HOM series

Following the successful launch of the Adler HOM series in spring 2018, complex homeopathic remedies for children will be expanded by three new products in October 2018: YvoAzem, YvoDont and YvoFlip.