Adler Pharma company philosophy

Adler Pharma Produktion und Vertrieb GmbH stands for Schuessler salts of top quality, manufactured in-house in Zell am See, Salzburg. Only raw materials of the highest quality are used in all of our products. Adler Pharma is a family business and the environment is very important to us.

Our philosophy

Leaving the smallest possible ecological footprint was important to us from the outset. A CO2-neutral production facility on 2,500 m2 with the latest process-controlled technologies was constructed back in 2010. The entire production building is highly insulated and was built according to low-energy construction principles. Hot water is produced by the solar installation on the roof.

The building uses 3 heat pumps, ventilation with heat recovery for the clean room and thermal building core activation. This enables heating and cooling with environmental energy from the soil and groundwater. Energy savings of 515,135 kWh per year are realised as a result. Adler Pharma has received environmental awards from the federation under the Klima:Aktiv initiative and from the state of Salzburg for constructing this energy-efficient, CO2 neutral building.

The climate-neutral disposal of our packaging was also realised in 2021. Climate-neutral means that unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions produced in one part of the world are offset by climate protection projects elsewhere. We purchased corresponding climate protection certificates to finance these projects. This was realised in cooperation with Bonus Holsystem für Verpackungen GmbH & Co KG and the internationally renowned environmental consulting firm Denkstatt in Vienna.

In our case, we are contributing to the conservation of about 300,000 hectares of rain forest in Peru. The goal is to develop initiatives that increase both the value of the healthy forest and the income from the sustainable harvest of Brazil nuts. This allows smallholders to protect and preserve their forest. Families in the region benefit from a secure source of income.

The containers for our Schuessler salts are recyclable, free of softeners, odourless and do not release any microplastics into the environment. We use biodegradable blister packs instead of aluminium blister packs for our Adler Ortho Active line of dietary supplements.

As a company, we are aware of our special responsibility to future generations and will continue to dedicate ourselves to climate protection going forward.

Products of high quality, developed and manufactured in Austria – that is our company philosophy. Protecting the environment also plays a crucial role.

What we stand for

Our vision is to make traditional European medicine – including Schuessler salts and many other, different therapy approaches – accessible through innovative product development. Engaging in research and development is therefore an important first step in order to continue promoting this treasure trove of traditional European medicine. Only through further development rather than stagnation can we effect change and realise our vision for the future.

Our credo from the outset has been to not only offer products of outstanding quality, but to impart knowledge in the field of Schuessler salts through seminars and our own specialist literature.

We regularly hold seminars on specific topics for pharmacy employees. The consultants’ convention has been held annually for 20 years as an important continuing education component for active Schuessler consultants. The technical expertise of the pharmacist on site is developed through in-house training, base seminars for employees in the pharmacies and well-founded literature.

Schuessler online training on various topics is currently being provided by the Adler Academy.


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