Adler Schuessler treatments

The practical Schuessler treatments make it easy to start taking specific Schuessler salts daily. These special regimens were developed for minor problems and are intended for everyday use.

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12 salts for all circumstances

Through his understanding of biochemical relationships, Schuessler introduced his 12 functional agents which he considered the essential working materials for the cells.

“The free molecules of a mineral administered for therapeutic purposes reach the blood via the shortest route, as described above, covering a deficit of the respective mineral in the pathologically altered cells.”
(Dr. W. H. Schuessler: Allopathie, Biochemie und Homöopathie, page 21, Oldenburg 1895)

He started with mineral substances that should be directly available in the cell. To ensure that the cells can absorb the substances, he employed homoeopathic potentisation as a method for achieving the optimal dilution of the biochemical functional agents.

The minerals are absorbed directly into the blood and tissues through the oral mucous membranes. This makes the biochemical functional agents directly available to the individual cells. Schuessler’s aim was to cover the demand for minerals in the cells. The application regimen enables the body to optimally regulate the respective subject.


Schuessler salts from Adler Pharma are homoeopathic medicinal products. Their application is based exclusively on long-term use in this treatment.
Contains lactose. Read the package insert! 

Areas of application: Registered homoeopathic medicinal products, therefore without specification of a therapeutic indication.
Read the package insert and talk to your doctor or pharmacist about risks and side effects.