The company history of Adler Pharma

Adler Pharma was established in the year 2000 with two employees. Today the company has 50 employees, two-thirds of whom are women. Adler Pharma Produktion und Vertrieb GmbH is a family business that values its employees and offers job security in an employment market dominated by the tourism business.

The story

In 1989, Susana Niedan-Feichtinger (Master of Pharmacy) took over the Adler Pharmacy in Zell am See. From this time on, the company began to progressively increase its range of complementary medicines. These include Bach flowers. A company dedicated to Schuessler salts was founded in the summer of the year 2000 in response to the increasing demand for Schuessler salts. In 2010, a modern production facility was established on the Glocknerstraße in Bruck.

  1. 1989
    Takeover of the pharmacy license by Susana Niedan-Feichtinger

    Susana Niedan-Feichtinger (Master of Pharmacy) took over the license of the Adler Pharmacy in Zell am See/Schüttdorf in 1989. She learned about Schuessler salts in Pinzgau and was inspired by this healing method straight away. Schuessler salts were immediately included in customer consultations and the feedback on their success was astounding.

  2. 1995
    Austria joins the EU

    With the entry of Austria into the EU, it became possible to import Schuessler salts at a low cost from Germany, and following their registration in Austria, to offer them for sale exclusively in pharmacies. The first facial creams and other external applications were developed.

  3. 1998
    Handbook on Biochemistry according to Doctor Schuessler

    Thomas Feichtinger invited Susana Niedan (Master of Pharmacy) and Elisabeth Mandl to co-author a book on Schuessler salts. This led to the first manuscript of what would later be known as the Handbook on Biochemistry according to Doctor Schuessler. It became the reference work about Schuessler salts and included new psychosomatic material, which was connected to Dr Schuessler’s work on biochemistry. The fully revised 6th edition of the “Handbook on Biochemistry according to Doctor Schuessler” was published in 2017.

  4. 2000
    License for pharmaceutical production

    Mag. Niedan-Feichtinger applied for a licence for pharmaceutical production and wholesale trade. A business premise became vacant next to the Adler Pharmacy, which was adapted to comply with requirements for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification. In October 2000, Adler Pharma was founded as an independent company. Just six months later, an external warehouse had to be rented in order to accommodate the large quantity of empty containers.

  5. 2002
    2002 Move to the current headquarter of Adler Pharma

    With the acquisition of a powder mixer, space became even more limited and the search for an extension or a new building began. In spring 2002, the building at Brucker Bundesstraße 25 A with approx. 600 m2 of operating space for production, storage and distribution was purchased and converted in accordance with legal requirements. To this day, this is the official company address. The cosmetics production and the administration are located at this site.

  6. 2004
    Formation of Adler Pharma Produktion und Vertrieb GmbH

    Adler Pharma Produktion und Vertrieb GmbH was established in 2004. It took over the production and sales of Adler Topics (cosmetics and care products) and the Dietary supplements. The Adler Topics product range was continuously expanded and further developed as well.

  7. 2006
    Trio of the Year Award

    In 2006, Adler Pharma was presented with the Trio of the Year award for its success by the Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with “Trend” magazine and Bank Austria.

  8. 2010
    New production premises and CO2-free operation

    Adler Pharma was bursting at the seams.
    With the support of the state of Salzburg, the federation and the EU through corresponding subsidies, it was possible to erect new production premises on the Großglocknerstraße in Bruck. The new production building with 2,500 m2 was finished in just seven months from breaking ground to moving in. Production of the Schuessler salts by Adler Pharma in the accustomed top quality was made possible by highly modern clean rooms and the latest machinery. Sales also moved to the new building.

    CO2-free operation

    The building’s construction is environmentally friendly and all operations are energy-efficient and CO2-free. Concrete core activation is used for heating and cooling with energy obtained from groundwater. Hot water is produced by the solar installation on the roof. The entire building is also highly insulated. Adler Pharma was recognised for the construction of this energy-efficient operation: Federal Klima:aktiv award and State of Salzburg – Umweltservice Salzburg.

  9. 2012
    Leitbetriebe Austria

    In 2012 Adler Pharma was recognised for the first time as a leading company based on the assessment procedure of the Leitbetriebe Austria Institute, and has already been recertified four times, most recently for 2021/2022.

    Investments were made in the development of new products in subsequent years.

  10. 2013
    Introduction of the first 3 complex remedies*

    Cell Vita, Cell Immuferin, Cell Calmin

    The novelty was that each tablet contains a differently weighted blend of 6 Schuessler salts, creating a synergy effect. This reduces the daily dosage compared to making the mixture yourself from individual numbers.

    The cell complex remedies have an approved indication, which greatly simplifies consultation in the pharmacy and administration. Using these complex remedies is based exclusively on experience with Dr Schuessler’s biochemistry. Many years of experience with the blends themselves have been accumulated, also regarding the weighting of the various minerals.

  11. 2015
    Additional complex remedies* and product launches

    The complex remedies Cell Euclim, Cell Nubliron and Cell Juvebene followed two years later.

    Adler Pharma added 6 new mineral compounds to the product range that same year for a great expansion and valuable enrichment of the application possibilities in Dr Schuessler’s biochemistry. The enhanced remedies no. 28 – no. 33.

    TOM’S facial cream was also created that year. It is specifically geared towards the needs of men’s skin stressed by shaving and contains valuable ingredients.

  12. 2016
    Schuessler chewable tablets for diabetics and people with lactose intolerance*

    The Schuessler chewable tablets were created after a 6-year development phase. They made Schuessler salts accessible to diabetics and people with lactose intolerance. Instead of lactose, the main ingredients of the Schuessler chewable tablets are isomalt and mannitol, which also means the chewable tablets are not caries-producing.

    In addition, the Adler Topics series was expanded that year with the Soft Feet cream. With consistent application, this foot care cream is the perfect care product in case of excessive callus formation and cracking.

    Healingherbs® – original Bach flowers* from England were added to the Adler Pharma product range.

  13. 2018
    Cell Allergy Complex and YVO series for children*

    The 7th cell complex remedy was launched in January of 2018: Cell Allergy Complex. Cell Allergy Complex alleviates the symptoms of hay fever and other allergies.

    Adler Pharma brought the new YVO series for children to market in May of 2018. It represents innovative complex remedies for homoeopathy in children. The innovative Adler HOM globules are sugar-free and tailored to the needs of children. YvoTour, YvoSniff and YvoSting were the first three products. Three additional products were added to the series in October of 2018: YvoAzem, YvoDont and YvoFlip.
    Adler KÜKEN – healthy and colourful!

  14. 2019

    Market launch of the mineral deodorant cream DEOMIN. It is vegan and free of aluminium.

  15. 2020
    20 years Adler Pharma

    We celebrated our 20-year company anniversary in a very challenging year.

    Thank you to all of our committed employees who consistently dedicate themselves to the operation, and naturally also the many consultants and pharmacies for their outstanding collaboration. Last but not least, we want to thank all the enthusiastic users of Dr Schuessler’s biochemistry!

    In these very eventful times, the company proved its ability to maintain a stable course into the future, even during a crisis.

  16. 2021
    Zell Gelenkskomplex* and new online presence

    In autumn, the eighth complex remedy Zell Gelenkskomplex* will be launched. It is used to alleviate joint pain.

    In winter, our new homepage goes online in a fresh and modern design. It scores with many interesting health topics and extensive information about the mode of action of the Schüßler salts as well as matching products.

  17. 2022
    Takeover of the management and product innovations

    Generation change in the family business

    On 01.02.2022, Dr. Stephan Niedan took over the management of the next generation from Mag. pharm. Susana Niedan-Feichtinger, Managing Director and founder of Adler Pharma.

    Susana Niedan-Feichtinger will take over the management of the Adler Academy. The focus is on training and knowledge transfer in the field of "Biochemistry according to Dr. Schüßler".

    In April, the first complex remedy for lactose intolerant people, Zell Allergie Komplex KAUTABLETTEN*, is launched. It is used for hay fever and acute allergy symptoms.

    In November, the market launch of the "Hot Seven"* takes place. This is magnesium phosphoricum in powder form, practically packaged in sticks also for on the go.  The approved medicine is used for acute cramps and colics of the involuntary (smooth) muscles.

  18. 2023
    Construction of a photovoltaic system

    In May 2023, Adler Pharma Produktion und Vertrieb GmbH installed a photovoltaic system at both the production site in Bruck an der Großglocknerstraße and in Zell am See, which has a total output of 135 kWp (90 kWp in Bruck and 45 kWp in Zell am See).

    At the Bruck site, 60-70% (depending on weather conditions) of the electricity demand can be covered by the plant thanks to this investment. At the Zell am See site, the coverage is 70-80%.

    This investment makes Adler Pharma Produktion und Vertrieb GmbH highly self-sufficient in terms of energy, as the establishment of CO2-free production at the Bruck site already means that no fossil fuels are required.

* Not registered in Germany, only available as a procurement item


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