Preventive healthcare with Schuessler

Schuessler Salts

Schuessler salts from Adler Pharma are produced according to the requirements of the homoeopathic pharmacopoeia. They contain lactose as the main trituration component, along with auxiliary substances so they can be pressed into tablets. Adler Pharma uses potato starch and calcium behenate as auxiliary substances. This makes Schuessler salts from Adler Pharma 100% gluten-free and free of magnesium stereate. They dissolve in the mouth with a velvety feel.

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The containers used by Adler Pharma for our Schuessler salts are made of polypropylene, are recyclable and contain recycled plastics. They are free from softeners, odourless and do not release any microplastics into the environment. 

Their disposal is also climate-neutral. 

For diabetics, 48 tablets correspond to one bread unit.
1 Adler Pharma Schuessler salts tablet contains 0.98 kcal or 0.02 BE (bread units).

For persons with lactose intolerance, Adler Pharma produces chewable tablets* with isomalt as the main ingredient. 

If you are sensitive to 4lactose but not lactose intolerant, taking the Schuessler salts at intervals throughout the day is particularly important. They can also be dissolved in a glass of water and taken one swallow at a time. 

Please note: Lactose is very sensitive to moisture and quickly absorbs odours from the environment. Therefore, please store the containers in enclosed, dry rooms and in an odour-neutral location.

* Not registered in Germany, only available as a procurement item