The salts as functional agents

Environmental pollution, stress, poor nutrition or physical and mental exhaustion can lead to mineral deficits at a fine level. Dr Schuessler’s minerals provide the body with these working materials that are lacking. This brings the entire mineral household into a healthy balance as slight disruptions are eliminated.


The 12 Schuessler minerals from Adler Pharma

Vitality and increased performance, general well-being and a radiant appearance into advanced age – all of these are associated with the body’s mineral balance.

Excessive stress in these fast-paced times demands a great deal of energy and physical performance. Insufficient rest and relaxation, physical and mental stress, and a poor diet can lead to mineral shortages.

Disease prevention and healthcare are crucial topics of our time. Schuessler salts  can help you. Get advice from a trained mineral consultant at your pharmacy.

Correct potentising of the Schuessler salts

During his many years as a homoeopath, Dr Schuessler determined the dilution at which the minerals must be administered to get into the cell. For him, the homoeopathic method of potentisation was a way to attain this high dilution of the minerals. 

Thus Dr Schuessler diluted the minerals to the point where they can pass through the minuscule openings in the cell wall. Taking too much is not possible since the amount of the minerals is so small. 

He determined that the 12th decimal trituration is optimal for the substances that are not soluble in water – no. 1 Calcium fluoratum, no. 3 Ferrum phosphoricum and no. 11 Silicea – and the 6th decimal trituration for all others. 

The enhanced remedies are recommended in D12 since these mineral compounds are only found in the body in traces.


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