Administration and dosage of Schuessler salts

Many users are uncertain because they don’t know exactly how they are supposed to take the Schuessler salts. While Schuessler salts are homoeopathic medicines, they are used under the aspect of replenishing stores and a regulatory healing method. This requires a special kind of application.

Competent consulting

If you want to start taking Schuessler salts, we recommend informing yourself first in the course of a consultation with a trained Schuessler specialist at your pharmacy.

Various options are available: A facial analysis is recommended for general disease prevention, improved vitality and greater resilience. The need for minerals is apparent in the face. Skin indications such as impure skin, pallor, discolouration of the skin and wrinkles indicate what minerals are needed. The resulting daily blend should be taken over an extended period of time.

Any complaints for which self-medication is appropriate can also be discussed in a consultation. Your consultant will recommend the appropriate Schuessler salts for your optimal care.

You can also consult one of the numerous Schuessler books. Look up your indication and prepare your personal blend. Consulting a doctor in a timely manner in case of serious complaints is important.

Aside from a consultation, you can of course also use our proven Adler Schuessler Treatments with specified indications.

Mix it, shake it, take it!

Taking Schuessler salts correctly

The correct blend of the individual recommended salts and distribution throughout the day are important for taking the Schuessler salts. The minerals are absorbed through the mucous membranes in the mouth and throat. It is therefore best to allow the Schuessler salts to dissolve in the mouth. The more urgent the need, the more readily they dissolve in the mouth and the sweeter they taste.

Count the respective recommended daily amount of the single doses and take this throughout the day. Naturally, you can also put more than one tablet in your mouth at a time.

Alternatively the minerals are dissolved in water: Fill a glass with cold water. Carefully add the tablets, without stirring. Begin taking the solution after five to ten minutes. Note that some lactose gets into the solution. Take the solution one mouthful at a time, holding it in your mouth as long as possible since the active substances are absorbed through the mucous membranes in the mouth and throat.

Infants take the Schuessler salts dissolved in a bottle or as a mineral mush. Here the minerals are mixed with water to make a mush, and the mush is fed to the infant by mouth or on a soother (pacifier).

How urgently the body needs the minerals in question is indicated by how fast they dissolve and how sweet they taste. Both of these factors may occur simultaneously. To compare individual minerals by taste, salts from the same manufacturer have to be selected.

Schuessler Salts Podcast


Taking the Schuessler Salts

In our podcast, Susana Niedan-Feichtinger (Master of Pharmacy) tells you what to watch for when taking the Schuessler salts and how they can be administered. Where can you find out about your need for Schuessler salts? Learn all about that and more in this podcast.

Correct dosage of Schuessler salts

Count the desired quantity from each container, put them into a small bowl and then mix thoroughly. Take the mixture distributed throughout the day. 

In case of acute need, take one tablet after another until the acute complaints are alleviated. Then continue with the recommended daily blend.

In general, the mineral deficiency determines the dosage. The more severe the deficiency, the higher the recommended number. However, please talk to your consultant first regarding the number.

General recommendation: In case of acute complaints, allow a tablet to dissolve in the mouth every 3-5 minutes. Take 7 to 10 per day for chronic complaints.

Schuessler salts should be taken until the symptoms are alleviated and beyond. Continued administration allows mineral reserves to be stored in the body. This leads to robustness, resilience, vitality and a strong immune system for optimal health of the human organism.

If you have further questions about taking Schuessler salts, the Adler Pharma team will be happy to help you. Mineral consultants in the many Schuessler pharmacies can also help you with the duration of administration.


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