Reactions when taking Schuessler salts

Many people can take Schuessler salts without any noticeable reactions. However, some may experience temporary reactions of the organism while taking them. This only happens because the body is working with the minerals provided. It does not mean that the Schuessler salts are not tolerated. The reactions go away again after a few days.

How the body may react to taking the Schuessler salts

When minerals urgently needed by the body as working materials are first provided, the fluids, blood, lymph and connective tissue fluid are initially purified. A feeling of lightness and relief quickly wells up. But then the body wants to eliminate all existing contamination.

  • Cleansing the body: Chills, the sniffles, coughing, elevated temperature, constipation or diarrhoea
  • Reactions caused by deacidification: Acid floodingheartburn, hunger pangs, rheumatic complaints, skin impurities
  • Reactions caused by the elimination of harmful substances: Swollen hands/feet, swollen eyes, itchiness, headache
  • Regeneration pain when old building sites that could not be supplied are reactivated: Joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, jaws, teeth
  • Excretions through the skin: Acidic/sharp secretions, harmful substances – itchy/burning rash, eczema

The minerals can also trigger a particular taste (such as limy/sandy, perfumed, musty...), indicating a specific deficiency.

It is best to seek the advice of your mineral consultant during this time, and to increase or decrease the dosage as needed. However, it is important to stay the course – it pays off!


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