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Skin, hair and nail regimen

The practical Schuessler treatments make it easy to start taking specific Schuessler salts daily. These special regimens were developed for minor problems and are intended for everyday use.

Schuessler salts no. 1 + no. 9 + no. 11 + no. 21

No. 1 Calcium fluoratum – salt for elasticity of the skin, hair and nails

No. 9 Sodium phosphoricum – salt for the acid-base balance

No. 11 Silicea – salt for the skin, hair and nails 

No. 21 Zincum chloratum – salt for the skin and nails

Additional tip:

Silizium Plus Adler Ortho Active 11- The nutrient combination for the skin, hair and nails

Take 6-10 of each specified number out of the container, mix and allow them to dissolve in the mouth at intervals throughout the day. Distributing the Schuessler salts throughout the day is important. The intervals at which they are taken depend on your personal situation.

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