International partners

Adler Pharma is the market leader in Austria in the field of Schüßler salts. In addition to the Austrian market, the focus is on steadily increasing internationalisation.


Adler Pharma has been on the market in Germany since 2006. The products are listed with all wholesalers in Germany and are therefore available to German pharmacies.

The internationalisation was further advanced. Today, in addition to the DACH region, Denmark, the Czech Republic and Slovenia are also supplied with Schüßler salts, the cosmetics line and the food supplements. Furthermore, Latvia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates also distribute Adler Pharma products.

Country Partner Phone Mail Website


Verfora AG

0041/58 851 93 00


CZECH REPUBLIC SOMM Pharm s.r.o. 0042/224 142 210 - Schüsslerovy minerální soli (
DENMARK Camette A/S 0045/75 47 05 55 Schüeßlers originale 12 homøopatiske cellesalte -
SLOVENIA PHARMANA svetovanje, raziskave in trženje, d.o.o. 0038/64 16 90 891 Pharmana – Enostavne homeopatske rešitve
TURKEY OTA FARMA 0090/224/241 70 80 OTA FARMA
LATVIA SIA Ziedu energija 0037/129/445 643 Šislera sāļi - Ziedu enerģija (
DUBAI UltraPharma


If you cannot find your desired country in this list, please feel free to send your request to the Adler Apotheke or

However, Adler Apotheke does NOT deliver to the following countries: Canada, Finland, Russia, England, USA