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Schuessler Salts from Adler Pharma

Complementary medicine without them would be almost unthinkable: Schuessler salts improve your health, boost your performance and support healthy ageing. Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler (1821-1898) was the founder of this popular natural healing method.

What are Schuessler salts?

Striving for natural remedies to alleviate health problems and the aspect of preventive healthcare are increasingly leading people to complementary medicine and natural healing methods today. And thus to the Schuessler salts. 

Schuessler salts are highly effective for disease prevention and can also help alleviate numerous minor complaints. Especially in the area of self-medication and daily use, Schuessler salts can be taken by the whole family. In case of acute and chronic diseases, Schuessler salts provide valuable support and can be combined with other medical interventions.

This makes learning about the background of Dr Schuessler’s biochemistry all the more exciting. 

Who was Dr Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler?

Dr Schuessler was originally a homoeopathic doctor in Oldenburg. He lived from 1821 to 1898, during an era of a great transition to scientific medicine.

Two researchers pointed the way for Dr Schuessler’s research of the human cell. Rudolf Virchow, a cellular pathologist who worked in Berlin, coined the phrase: “Disease of the body is rooted in pathological change of the cell.”

Jacob Moleschott, another leading scientist of his time, took this finding further and said: “Disease of the cell occurs due to the loss of inorganic salts (minerals).”

For Dr Schuessler, the logical consequence was to say: “The health of the cell, and therefore the body, must be restored by compensating for this loss.”

But it wasn’t all that simple. How could one ensure that minerals would get directly into the cell? Dr Schuessler did not yet know anything about Professor Vincent’s microbiology research. He determined that the metabolism takes place exclusively at the molecular level.

However, he recognised even then that excessive doses of minerals can be problematic for the cell: “To prevent damage and allow the cell to absorb the substances, they have to be potentised (diluted).”

Dr Schuessler succeeded in finding 12 mineral substances that are indispensable for the proper functioning of the organism. He accomplished this by observing ill people, through his experience in homoeopathy and research of the human cell that was highly topical in his time. The 12 mineral substances are the key cell nutrients that enable individual cells in the body to optimally perform their functions.

In his healing method, which he called “abbreviated therapy”, Dr Schuessler consistently used minerals that “are part of a healthy human cell’s permanent stock”. He also referred to the 12 mineral substances as working materials for the human cell.

Shortly after it was introduced, his healing method became known and popular around the world as “Dr Schuessler’s biochemistry”.

Schuessler salts for your health

The 12 Schuessler minerals from Adler Pharma

Vitality and increased performance, general well-being and a radiant appearance into advanced age – all of these are associated with the body’s mineral balance. 

Excessive stress in these fast-paced times demands a great deal of energy and physical performance. Insufficient rest and relaxation, physical and mental stress, and a poor diet can lead to mineral shortages.

Disease prevention and healthcare are crucial topics of our time. Schuessler salts  can help you. Get advice from a trained mineral consultant at your pharmacy. 

Schuessler Salts Podcast

Episode 1

Introduction to Schuessler Salts

Learn more about Schuessler salts in our podcast. Susana Niedan-Feichtinger (Master of Pharmacy) talks about the origin of the term “Dr Schuessler’s biochemistry”. What are Schuessler salts and how are they absorbed by the body? What is the objective of Dr Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler’s healing method? Listen to the podcast!

Episode 3

Mineral Deficiency and its Causes

In the following podcast, Susana Niedan-Feichtinger (Master of Pharmacy) tells you why we need such a large supply of finely distributed minerals. Why is having a supply of minerals in your body so important? How can you take a large amount of Schuessler salts without overtaxing the body? When can you see the effects of the Schuessler salts? Learn about all that here:

Correct potentising of the Schuessler salts

During his many years as a homoeopath, Dr Schuessler determined the dilution at which the minerals must be administered to get into the cell. For him, the homoeopathic method of potentisation was a way to attain this high dilution of the minerals. 

Thus Dr Schuessler diluted the minerals to the point where they can pass through the minuscule openings in the cell wall. Taking too much is not possible since the amount of the minerals is so small. 

He determined that the 12th decimal trituration is optimal for the substances that are not soluble in water – no. 1 Calcium fluoratum, no. 3 Ferrum phosphoricum and no. 11 Silicea – and the 6th decimal trituration for all others. 

The enhanced remedies are recommended in D12 since these mineral compounds are only found in the body in traces.


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