Energy balance & concentration

Having energy is a daily need in our life. The more effectively we are able to accomplish this, the better we feel. A stressful job, long working hours, increased learning efficiency and concentration all have a lasting impact on the energy balance.

Energy and life

People exposed to ongoing stress at work often feel burned out and exhausted during the day. Aside from work stress, many people’s private situation is more strained today as well. Private stress also leads to a state of exhaustion and lack of energy.

Women in particular are often exposed to the multiple stresses of work, children and the household. They need an extra dose of energy every day to prevent exhaustion.

We need more energy when ...

  • We are battling listlessness
  • We have recovered from the flu but still feel tired and weary
  • We are constantly under stress, overtaxed by exhausting day-to-day work and long working hours
  • We experience problems with our energy balance during heavy physical work
  • Increased learning efficiency and concentration are demanded at any age, for example, in case of re-training, challenging training and continuing education, examinations, homework etc.
  • Women are exposed to multiple stresses of the household and work
  • Athletes need energy for training or competition

Energy in TCM

When you feel strong, you have sufficient energy to assert yourself in life.

Although we all strive for values such as love, family and children, certain values affect one person more than another. Examples include caring for a loved one, taking part in rescue operations or investing part of your spare time in social activities. How and what values are practised differs from person to person.

In any case, we experience joy when we can bring a value to life. Naturally, this places demands on us and costs energy.

Tips for more energy in life

The Schuessler salts naturally boost your vitality and alleviate mild feebleness and exhaustion. They help equalise the energy balance and optimise the use of your energy resources.

An additional supply of nutrients can also help

Potassium supports the storage of energy reserves in the muscles. A deficiency leads to muscle weakness and general exhaustion. Potassium is important for the nerves, stability and activity of the cells, and a harmonised acid-base balance. It promotes mental balance and improves our resistance to stress. The usually very non-specific symptoms of potassium deficiency include muscle weakness, fatigue, irritability and lack of concentration.

  • What foods are high in potassium? Potatoes, legumes, avocado, whole buckwheat flower, European chestnut
  • Fruit that is high in potassium: Apples, pears, strawberries, raspberries, bananas
  • Herbs that are high in potassium: Borage, marjoram, parsley
  • What teas are high in potassium? Arnica, eyebright, fennel

Lecithin is part of the phospholipids group and promotes brain and nerve performance. It is an essential element of every human cell. Lecithin supplementation boosts brain performance and improves memory and the ability to concentrate. Lecithin and vitamin B complex are of great importance for the metabolism of key messenger substances in the brain. Scientific studies have shown that a supply of lecithin significantly improves memory in healthy older people.

B complex vitamins support brain function, attentiveness, memory and the performance of the nervous system. They play an essential role in the human organism’s protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

The B vitamins have many jobs, especially regarding energy extraction processes: They control the nerves and heart function, haematosis and the production of neurotransmitters. B vitamins are particularly important for controlling the energy extraction processes in cells through the conversion of carbohydrates to energy.

Energy Balance & Concentration

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