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Schuessler salts FAQ

In the following, we answer questions that commonly arise before or while taking Schuessler salts. We compiled the most frequently asked questions through close contact with the users of Dr. Schuessler’s biochemistry.

If your questions are not answered here, please contact the Adler Pharma team. We are happy to help. You can also get advice from a trained mineral consultant at your pharmacy.

Answers to the frequently asked questions

Schuessler salts are available without a prescription, exclusively at pharmacies.

Bitte kontaktieren Sie diesbezüglich unseren Vertriebsinnendienst unter oder per Telefon Tel: +43 6542 / 55044.

Schüßler Salze sind Arzneimittel und dürfen ausschließlich von Apotheken verkauft werden.

Falls Sie einen Gewerbeschein haben, schicken Sie diesen gerne an Wir melden uns bei Ihnen bezüglich anderer Möglichkeiten wie z.B. den Vertrieb unserer Körperpflegelinie „Adler Topics“ oder unser Nahrungsergänzungsmittel.

Schuessler salts are potentised minerals. Thanks to potentising (dilution), they can be absorbed immediately into the tissue so they have a direct path into the cells. Here they control the organism’s mineral balance, which is why they are also called working materials by Dr. Schuessler.

The minerals are absorbed through the mucous membranes in the mouth and throat. It is therefore best to allow the Schuessler salts to dissolve in the mouth. Alternatively the minerals are dissolved in water. Take the solution one mouthful at a time, making sure to hold each mouthful in your mouth as long as possible.

Yes, all of Dr. Schuessler’s minerals can be mixed and administered according to the respective needs.

This is possible because all of the body tissue becomes firmer again. While this does increase a person’s weight, their size does not change.

Diarrhoea is a reaction of the organism to accomplish the long overdue elimination of contaminants from the body.

Lactose does not cause diarrhoea but a soft consistency of the stools.

If constipation occurs, this may be caused by the organism failing to release fluids because they are needed by the accelerated metabolism enabled by Dr. Schuessler’s minerals.

Whether the required or compatible minerals are actually being taken should also be reviewed in case of constipation.

When a person is burdened by elevated acidity in the body, the organism immediately responds to the relief and reacts by producing more stomach acid. Heartburn occurs as a reaction. It goes away again after a few days of taking the right minerals.

Dr. Schuessler’s biochemistry supports all healing methods, including academic medicine, since it supplies the organism with essential working materials.

Various healing methods in combination with Dr Schuessler’s biochemistry cannot only support each other but actually result in synergy effects.

When there is a major deficiency, the demand for Dr. Schuessler’s minerals is high but gradually decreases over time as reserves are replenished. A dependency on Schuessler salts cannot develop. In fact, a certain level of rejection is felt when one does not need them.

When an important mineral is omitted, the organism “screams” for it. Then the characteristic symptoms for this mineral are especially pronounced.

A nutritious diet is also important. In addition, we recommend our Adler Ortho Active nutrient combinations harmonised with the individual Schuessler salts no. 1 – no. 12.

The faster the minerals dissolve in the mouth and the sweeter they taste, the higher the demand. Both sensations may occur simultaneously.

A particular taste (such as bitter, limy/sandy, perfumed, musty) may be perceived in response to taking the minerals. In this case the corresponding mineral should be taken in addition.

It is best to seek the advice of your mineral consultant during this time. These observations apply for minerals from the same manufacturer.

Both are drugs that have a major influence on the metabolism. In particular, they both put strain on the liver and cause a mineral deficiency, which in turn interferes with the excretion of contaminants.

The speed at which Dr. Schuessler’s minerals work depends on the underlying problem. When complaints have already become chronic, they must be administered over an extended period of time. The Schuessler salts can work relatively quickly in case of acute complaints.

In general, the deficiency of each mineral determines the dosage. The more severe the deficiency, the higher the recommended number. However, please talk to your consultant first regarding the number.

Water is the best solvent for Dr. Schuessler’s minerals, bar none. Any other liquid in which the minerals are dissolved impairs their effectiveness.

Mineral water mainly meets the demand outside the cell, while Dr. Schuessler’s minerals meet the demand inside the cell.

Adults who depend on drinking mineral water (problematic drinking water) should also frequently change the type to avoid an oversupply of certain minerals. The mineral content of the mineral water should be as low as possible.

Persons with lactose intolerance and diabetics can take the Schuessler chewable tablets from Adler Pharma, which contain isomalt and mannitol as the main ingredients. Regarding potentisation and dosage, the Schuessler chewable tablets are used 1:1 in terms of the biochemical healing method, like the Schuessler salts with lactose.

The Schuessler chewable tablets have virtually no effect on the insulin balance. Isomalt, the main ingredient by volume, has a very low glycemic index (2!) and a low impact on the blood sugar level. Thus diabetics can also take the Schuessler salts.

Please note that the chewable tablets may NOT be given to animals due to their composition. Animals cannot metabolise isomalt!

Lactose is the type of sugar best tolerated by the human body, and is used as a mild laxative. It does not attack the teeth, even when taken for a long time over many years.

A healthy and nutritious diet forms the basis for our health. Poor nutrition cannot be compensated, even by taking the Schuessler salts. Eating a nutritious diet definitely improves the supply of minerals. Pronounced changes in people’s lives (stress, a hectic pace, an irregular lifestyle) and compulsive character structures in particular cause the consumption of minerals from the cells that cannot be readily replenished from the diet.

The mineral content of our food has in part suffered considerably due to mineral-depleted soils as well.

  • Insufficient quantity of the individual mineral numbers
  • Taking the wrong minerals
  • Problems with the sleeping area
  • Problems on levels that cannot be addressed with minerals
  • Problematic diet
  • Amalgam fillings causing continuous poisoning in the oral cavity
  • Failure to change compulsive structures
  • Excessive strain (work, family, social environment)
  • Severe illness that has progressed too far

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