Bach flowers

The original Bach flower healing method was developed by the English physician Dr Edward Bach (1886-1936). Bach flower essences are 38 especially prepared flower extracts of wild-growing plants. They are particularly well suited for preventive healthcare , the evolution of conciousness, to strengthen the character or to balance disharmonious behaviour patterns.

Healingherbs Bach flowers are the preferred choice of therapists and healers when it comes to high-quality Bach flowers. The Healingherbs® manufactory based in Herefordshire, England was established in 1989 by Julian Barnard and is among the world’s leading Bach flower manufacturers.

Julian Barnard, a designated Bach flower expert, views Dr Bach’s work as the basis and motivation for his work. Healingherbs® produces Bach flower essences strictly according to Edward Bach’s original instructions. All flowers and plants are harvested from wild stands near Brecon Beacons National Park and gently processed by hand. Each essence is personally prepared by the Healingherbs founder with great attention to detail – using pure spring water and organic cognac.

Healingherbs® has remained true to its high manufacturing standards for 30 years and values authenticity above business growth.

Dr. Edward Bach

Dr. Edward Bach graduated from his medical studies in 1912 and became head of the casualty ward at London University Hospital just one year later. He opened a general practice on Harley Street at the same time. When a flu epidemic erupted in England in 1918, Dr Bach was permitted to conduct a large-scale unofficial vaccination campaign with a new vaccine he had developed. This saved the lives of hundreds of people.

In 1918, the administration of the London University Hospital prohibited further professional activities outside the clinic for the hospital’s doctors. Dr Bach then resigned from his position at the hospital to carry on his general practice. Henceforth he financed his own small laboratory on Nottingham Square. This is where he continued his research.

He developed the first three flower essences – mimulus, impatiens and clematis – in 1929. The following year, he said farewell to London in order to dedicate himself entirely to his new research project, the development of gently prepared flower essences.

Using plants growing wild in nature, removed from human influences, was important to him. Only there can their strong curative powers mature undisturbed and without contamination. Healingherbs continues to meet this standard today.

An invisible band has connected humans and plants since primitive times. All facets of our condition – the one in which currently are or have blundered into – can be found in the descriptions of the 38 Bach flowers.

Bach flower application

Edward Bach identified a positive and a negative aspect for each flower essence. He considered the negative to be the cause of disharmony and suffering. The flowers embody the positive state – their natural vibrancy helps us feel happy and well again.

Bach flowers can be used individually or as mixtures of up to six different essences. The 38 original Bach flower essences are divided into three groups:

  • The “First Twelve Remedies”: First, determine whether one of the First Twelve Remedies corresponds to your personality. For example, impatiens people are tense and therefore irritable, while mimulus people are shy and nervous.
  • The “Seven Helpers”: Determine whether there is a condition among the “Seven Helpers” that describes your customary approach to life.
  • The “Second Nineteen”: Find one or more essences among the “Second Nineteen” that describe your emotional state in everyday situations.

To prepare a Bach flower blend, add 2 drops of each essence to a 30 ml pipette bottle filed with flat water. For extended use, you can preserve the contents with a bit of brandy or cider vinegar (2/3 flat water to 1/3 brandy).

Take 4 x 4 drops of your mixture daily. If necessary, you can add 2 drops of each concentrate to a glass of water and drink this in small sips throughout the day. Naturally you can also take the essences directly from the storage bottle, one drop at a time.

The 5flower® blend is a Bach flower combination that Dr. Bach named “Rescue”. 5flower® is also available as a cream. The cream supports natural skin functions, protects the skin, acts as a moisturiser and has a calming effect. It is an all-round cream for the whole family, dermatologically tested and 100% vegan.

Bach flowers work exclusively at a fine level. They can be safely taken in parallel with other forms of therapy. Doing so supports and speeds up the healing process, since it takes place on the physical as well as the emotional level.

Flower essences by Dr. Bach are available in pharmacies and shops specialising in flower essences. Make sure they are stored carefully in a cool place away from electromagnetic pollution.

Plants and flowers in their natural state harbour the forces of nature. Harnessing these leads to better health, strength, relaxation, success and harmony in life.

In Austria, Dr. Bach’s flower essences are specifically used to promote mental health in addition to their known effects in case of illness. These flower essences harmonise with all forms of academic medicine or naturopathic therapy. The great advantage of Dr Bach’s flower essences is their harmonising influence on people without any side effects. Especially when they are used specifically and responsibly.

The purpose of the flower essences is to improve the patient’s emotional state by boosting their power of endurance or confidence in recovery. Illnesses that have to be weathered over an extended period of time are overcome much more effectively. Maintaining strength and optimism is improved, which supports therapy.

The flower essences also help manage chronic complaints better by strengthening the will to live. In addition, the flower essences can be readily combined with any other holistic and alternative healing methods thanks to their harmonising and strengthening effect on the mind, feelings and energy.

Bach Flowers

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