Cleansing treatment and deacidification

Ridding your body of harmful substances makes losing weight easier! You feel healthy with a sense of well-being. Slimming down at any price, especially with so-called crash diets, frequently leads to frustration and even to eating disorders.

This impairs your health. Focusing on health rather than weight is therefore important for your regimen!

Cleansing and losing weight

An annual “spring cleaning” is like a genuine fountain of youth for your body! Fasting has a proven long-term positive effect on our health. It activates the metabolism and rids the body of harmful substances such as contaminants and toxins. Complaints such as fatigue, bad skin, gastrointestinal problems or exhaustion disappear. When excess weight subsequently drops away as well, we feel good about ourselves again.

Cleansing should be part of caring for our health because many complaints are associated with the accumulation of harmful substances. These include allergies, chronic skin diseases and eczema as well as diseases due to an underlying acid-base imbalance such as diabetes, rheumatism and gout. Therefore, an annual cleansing or detoxification treatment is an important preventive healthcare measure.

Reach your feel-good weight

Detoxification, a modern term, is a frequently-used expression today that quickly describes what we are talking about. Humanity today is exposed to a wide variety of environmental pollutants that we have to get rid of from time to time. This is essential for good health. The acid-base balance should also be maintained because problems in this area have long-term consequences that impair our health.

This is not only about weight reduction, but about activation and purification processes. Considering at what weight you truly feel good about yourself is valuable here!

Why is reaching my desired weight so difficult?

If the acid-base balance is disturbed, acid is not just stored in the connective tissue but excess fatty tissue is also formed. The connective tissue becomes progressively denser, with a slower metabolism. While conventional diets can get rid of fat, muscle tissue is broken down first if the diet is not well managed. Moderate endurance sports are therefore indispensable for dieting.

The acids, metabolites and harmful substances released in these processes get into the metabolism. When contaminants reach a certain concentration, a further breakdown of tissue and therefore further weight loss is blocked. This is because corresponding health problems would otherwise occur. Crash diets frequently lead to illnesses as a reaction to the diet, which then cause corresponding problems.

After a certain period of weight reduction, the weight stalls and weight loss pretty much stops. That is the moment of resignation. At some point we start eating more again and the familiar yo-yo effect begins. This vicious circle has to be broken in order to reach the target weight.

Failed attempts at weight loss – the yo-yo effect

When trying to lose weight, the first few pounds are often shed relatively easily before reaching a roadblock. The weight stalls and sometimes we even abruptly fall ill with flu-like symptoms, pain in the limbs, heartburn or headaches.

Pesticides and heavy metals are often stored in fatty tissue or the connective tissue is contaminated with too much protein, sugar, heavy metals, acids or xenobiotics. Then a breakdown of tissue causes all of these contaminants to be released from their deposits into the metabolism. This leads to a significant impairment of health.

Since these deposits have usually accumulated over decades, they are difficult to excrete. Sometimes there is a direct response block before excretion processes start.

When tissue is broken down, the concentration of harmful substances in the metabolism increases. This is only possible up to a certain limit! Then everything stops! Even if the food intake decreases to almost nothing, the organism is no longer able to break down any body substance.

After all, this would further increase the concentration of harmful substances. If this is not understood and addressed through specific relief measures, such as taking certain Schuessler salts, resignation eventually sets in. Then we start eating more again, a little at first but soon with downright voracity. This allows the harmful substances that have not been excreted to be stored in tissue again. The result is weight gain, which is described as the yo-yo effect.

Tips for cleansing and losing weight

Cleansing Treatment and Deacidification

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