Quality made in Austria

Production and quality of the Schuessler salts and creams

To ensure that the strictest quality standards are met, Adler Pharma uses the latest production methods to manufacture the Schuessler salts and Adler Topics.

Schuessler production facility

Since the construction of the new operating establishment in Bruck an der Großglocknerstraße, Schuessler salts are produced entirely in-house under the most modern conditions.

All process steps from the prime substance through tritruation to tablet pressing are completed in-house on a clean room area of 350 m2. Then the tablets are packaged by machine and in part still by hand. Odourless plastic containers made of polypropylene with no softeners complete the careful production of the Schuessler salts.

Quality characteristics

In-house production according to GMP

The quality of our Schuessler salts is guaranteed thanks to production according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) in line with the regulations of the German Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia (HAB).

Gluten free

Our Schuessler salts are 100% gluten free.

No magnesium stearate

Our Schuessler salts are produced without magnesium stearate.

Highest gustatory quality

Our products stand out thanks to the highest gustatory quality and dissolve with a velvety feel.

Our product range includes

Production & quality of our personal care products

Special emphasis is placed on the highest quality of all products!

Our personal care products are produced, packaged and labelled in dedicated clean rooms, as always at our parent company in Zell am See. Outstanding Austrian quality is therefore guaranteed.

Adler Topics contain highly diluted minerals. The minerals are diluted in several steps to a concentration corresponding to the Schuessler salts. When necessary, the combinations are modified according to the latest insights.

Adler Topics contain as much as necessary, and above all the minimum amount of preservatives. They are also particularly well suited for sensitive skin.

Most of the personal care products are unscented. Some contain all-natural cosmetics fragrances.

In-house production according to GMP

All mineral ointments, cream gels and all Adler Topics products are produced in dedicated clean rooms according to GMP guidelines.

Raw materials

We work exclusively according to our own formulations, with mostly ECO-certified, biological raw materials


The many vegan personal care products are identified by a green leaf

Dermatologically tested

Very skin-friendly, even on sensitive skin

Our personal care products have a number of special characteristics since they are produced without:

  • Hormone-active substances such as parabens, bisphenols and softeners
  • Paraffin and Vaseline that form a waterproof film on the skin, leading to increasingly dry skin
  • Triethanolamin that can split off nitrosamines that may be carcinogenic
  • PEGs that attack the skin barrier and can cause skin reactions such as pimples and allergies
  • Sodium lauryl sulphate or sodium laureth sulphate – similar to PEGs
  • Silicone oil that impairs skin respiration and dries out the skin barrier
  • Nanoparticles that permit very deep penetration, with effects on the organism that have not been fully researched
  • Microplastics that are difficult to filter out of drinking water and cannot be broken down
  • Formaldehyde or formaldehyde releasers that trigger: Acne, coughing, allergies, lack of concentration, headaches, memory disorders and more!
  • Toluene derivatives such as butylhydroxytoluene (BHT) – antioxidants that trigger allergies
  • Artificial light protection filters such as benzophenone
  • Aluminium salts
  • Fluorides
  • Artificial fragrances
  • Lactose – while the external application of lactose is unproblematic for people with lactose intolerance, this is important for vegans

Thanks to the great personal dedication of the company founder and her husband, Adler Pharma has become a true “Schuessler brand” and is Austria's market leader in the field of Schuessler salts today. An international presence has always been an important goal in addition to the Austrian market.

Adler Pharma entered the German market in 2006. The products are listed with all wholesalers in Germany and therefore available to German pharmacies. International expansion efforts continue. Aside from the D-A-CH region, the Schuessler salts, the cosmetics line and the dietary supplements are now also being supplied to Denmark and the Czech Republic. Schuessler salts from Adler Pharma are distributed in several other EU countries as well.

About Adler Pharma

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