Baths, poultices, mush

External application of the Schuessler salts

The external application of Dr. Schuessler’s minerals is an indispensable part of this method and often leads to more rapid success. A direct supply of minerals through the skin is important. The key is to take the Schuessler salts internally and practice their external application at the same time.

In case of diseases where external application is possible, notably contusions, burns, chilblains, proud fleshs, ophthalmitis and the like, external application in addition to internal administration is highly appropriate (injections in case of gonorrhoea and leucorrhoea).
Quote from Dr. Schuessler; “Abgekürzte Therapie”, first edition

Tips for external application

Dr. Schuessler’s minerals can be applied externally as baths, lavations, poultices, mush, salves, gels, cream gels, drops and suppositories. 

Applying a mush is a particularly effective form of external application. Applying a wet mush poultice with the mineral tablets is highly recommended for first aid after injuries, burns or contusions. The tablets are moistened with a small amount of water to form an easily spreadable mass. This wet mass is then applied to the injured area. Covering the wet mush with cling film is recommended to optimise its effect. This produces a moist microclimate in the injured area, accelerating the healing process.

For compresses, poultices or packings, a solution is prepared with the required minerals. A cloth is soaked in this solution and a poultice is applied in the proven manner.


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