Consultation at the pharmacy

When you decide to start taking Schuessler salts, we recommend first informing yourself in the course of a consultation with a trained Schuessler specialist at your pharmacy. Here you will find a list of all specialist consultants approved by the GBA (Gesellschaft für Biochemie nach Dr. Schüßler und Antlitzanalyse). Our highly experienced mineral consultants also provide consultations and facial analysis at certain pharmacies on a daily basis. All current dates are listed below.

Consultation and facial analysis

Trained Schuessler specialists work in many pharmacies. They can provide the competent, individual consultations that are so important when taking the Schuessler salts.

We also offer “Schuessler on Tour” with Andrea Voigt, our highly experienced mineral consultant and speaker, who offers facial analysis and consultations on a daily basis at certain pharmacies.

To find out when and where Ms Voigt offers her consultations each week, visit our Facebook page or homepage.

Facial analysis detects mineral deficiencies long before health problems arise. Disease prevention can therefore be realised by taking Schuessler salts. Andrea Voigt is happy to advise you if you want to know about your mineral deficiencies and what minerals you should replenish. A facial analysis combined with a consultation is the best option in this case. Coming to the agreed appointment without any makeup is essential for a good consultation.

To arrange your personal consultation, register for a facial analysis at your pharmacy in good time.


Schüßler On Tour macht eine Sommerpause und ist Anfang September wieder für Sie da. 


Schuessler On Tour

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