Adler Academy for qualified personnel

Training courses on Dr. Schuessler’s healing method and links to other healing methods are and have always been important to Adler Pharma.

Adler Pharma seminars and presentations have become known far beyond Austria’s borders by now, and are well attended and highly valued by numerous people in a wide variety of healthcare occupations.

We therefore decided to establish the “Adler Pharma Academy”, a platform managed by Mag. pharm. Susana Niedan-Feichtinger. It is a compilation of presentations, seminars, technical information and much more, available for you to use.

Frühjahr 2022

Current Seminars

Here you will find the current face-to-face seminars for pharmacy personnel.

Schüßler Salze Intensiv Basis Seminar mit Antlitzanalyse

Das Intensiv Basis Seminar stärkt Ihre Beratungskompetenz in der Apotheke im Bereich der Schüßler Salze nachhaltig:

In einer kurzen allgemeinen Einführung wird zunächst auf Wirkungsweise, Dosierung und Einnahmemöglichkeiten, aber auch auf Problematiken von Milchzucker und Reaktionen eingegangen.

Danach folgt die Besprechung einzelnen Schüßler Salze der Nummern 1 bis 12 sowie Nr. 14, Nr. 15 und Nr. 22 und deren Möglichkeiten der Anwendung.

Zu jedem Schüßler Salz werden Bilder zur Antlitzanalyse gezeigt, um die Erkennungszeichen für die jeweiligen Mängel im Antlitz darzustellen. Gerade die Kenntnis dieser Zeichen für einen Mangel ist bei der Beratung in der Praxis an der Tara besonders wertvoll.

Die Schüßler Salze werden anhand des praktischen Stufenmodells in bewährte Mischungen wie z.B.: Zahnungs-, Impf-, Insektenstich-, Sonnenbrand-, Muskelkater-, Gelenke-, Krampfadern- oder Heuschnupfenmischungen vernetzt. Ebenso werden die empfehlenswerte Kombination von Einnahme und äußerer Anwendung sowie der vorteilhafte Einsatz der Komplexmittel besprochen.

Der Besuch des Seminars ist kostenlos, lassen Sie sich bei Begrüßungskaffee, Vormittags- und Nachmittagspause sowie Mittagessen verwöhnen!

Wir freuen uns auf Ihr zahlreiches Kommen und wünschen Ihnen ein interessantes Seminar!

Date Location Further information
06.10.21 Dornbirn Information und Anmeldung
07.10.21 Mils Information und Anmeldung
02.11.21 Wels Information und Anmeldung
03.11.21 Kapfenberg Information und Anmeldung
11.11.21 Anif Information und Anmeldung
24.11.21 Wien Information und Anmeldung
25.11.21 St. Pölten Information und Anmeldung
01.12.21 Klagenfurt Information und Anmeldung
02.12.21 Graz Information und Anmeldung

This is where you will find our online presentations and training for you and your employees

Adler Schuessler Academy video library

This exciting online presentation covers the interplay of Schuessler salts and nutrients with the resulting synergy effects.

The online presentation describes the differences between the two interventions and what connects them. You learn why the combination of Schuessler salts with nutrients sometimes appears productive or even essential. However, you will also see when Schuessler salts alone lead to the goal.

Enjoy this two-part, free presentation from Adler Pharma on Schuessler salts no. 1 through 12 with the 12 matching nutrient blends.

With Mag. pharm. Susana Niedan-Feichtinger

You are asked about Schuessler salts in the pharmacy, but cannot recall which salt is for what? You would like to recommend Schuessler salts but are not familiar with the relationships?

We want to show you how to make effective recommendations based on several biochemical relationships and a few Schuessler salts.

A structured journey through the body from head to toe helps familiarise you with this proven healing method, allowing you to make more confident recommendations.

With Thomas Feichtinger

What sets this line of care products with highly diluted minerals apart? Important background information and specific tips for individual products are covered in this online training course. We present the Adler Topics most highly recommended for application in the summer.

You learn more about the various products with important background information on the raw materials used and the highly diluted minerals along with the various applications for the products.

With Mag. pharm. Susana Niedan-Feichtinger

We present the Adler Topics most highly recommended for application in the autumn.

We present the Adler Topics most highly recommended for application in the winter.

We present the Adler Topics most highly recommended for application in the spring.

Focus on boosting the immune system. Many practical combinations of Schuessler salts, e.g. for coughs, colds, elevated temperature, chills, constipation or nausea after a heavy meal are explained. The broad range of applications for winter sports is presented.

Alternative uses for Schuessler salts such as mash, drops or suppositories are also discussed. Information on combinations with the proven Adler Topics products as well as the Adler Ortho Active series expand the range of consulting and application possibilities for Schuessler salts in the cold season.

Explanations of the biochemical relationships and how these working materials are used by the organism for optimal function are an especially valuable part of this seminar.

Side effects are always an important issue when it comes to vaccinations.

Certain Schuessler salts help the organism to better cope with the vaccine. The background for using the corresponding minerals is explained and dosages for children and adults are discussed.

With Mag. pharm. Susana Niedan-Feichtinger

This online training course presents our proven detox treatment for healthy weight loss and expands your consulting expertise for Schuessler salts and nutrients.

Detoxifying the body with a cleansing treatment is indispensable due to the continuously increasing exposure to harmful substances, an unhealthy diet – especially during the winter months – and the lockdown.

With Thomas Feichtinger

In this online training course, we present the YVO homoeopathy series for children: Six different “Yvos” for specific child issues are explained in detail.
The following are presented and their composition is discussed: Yvo Flip – restlessness, hyperactivity; YvoAzem – eczema, neurodermatitis; YvoDont – childhood teething; Yvo Tour – car sickness; Yvo Sting – swelling after vaccination, insect bites; Yvo Sniff – hay fever.

These valuable compounds as homoeopathic globules expand your pharmacy’s range of consulting options and are sure to be well accepted by mothers who want to support their children with homoeopathic medicinal products in the course of responsible self-medication.

With Mag. pharm. Susana Niedan-Feichtinger

The proven intensive base seminar, now also offered online, is a well-founded introduction to the consulting possibilities for the Schuessler salts, effectively expanding your range of consulting options in the pharmacy.

The mode of action, dosage and means of administration are initially described in a brief general introduction, along with the problems of lactose and reactions.

This is followed by a discussion of the Schuessler salts no. 1 through 12 and no. 14, 15 and 22 with their application possibilities.

Facial analysis images are presented for each Schuessler salt to illustrate the identification of the respective deficiencies in the face. Knowledge of these signs of a deficiency is particularly valuable for customer consultations in practice.

The Schuessler salts are presented according to the handy step model in proven blends, such as teething, vaccination, insect bite and other blends. 
Recommended combinations of internal use and external application as well the advantageous use of the complex remedies are discussed as well.

Online training, intensive base seminar in 3 parts

With Thomas Feichtinger

The approved cell complex remedies, a combination of 6 or 7 Schuessler salts in a tablet, are particularly well suited for a Schuessler consultation in the pharmacy. Thanks to the listed indications, pharmacy staff and customers can make an accurate selection, which facilitates their use in the course of self-medication.

This seminar discusses the purpose, benefits and characteristics of the 7 complex remedies.

With Mag. pharm. Susana Niedan-Feichtinger

As the body’s largest organ, the skin is tremendously important for the organism’s optimal health. After a brief introduction to biochemistry according to Dr. Schuessler, numerous topics related to the skin are discussed in reference to Schuessler salts.

With Thomas Feichtinger

Presentations for your customers in the course of an information event

Everything you have always wanted to know about Schuessler salts.

Schuessler salts are particularly beneficial when taken as a preventative measure. They are ideal for the self-medication of minor health problems and can also be taken as a tonic in addition to medical treatment when needed.

In this online presentation, you learn valuable information for the use of Schuessler salts by the whole family.

Susanne Bernegger-Flintsch discusses women’s issues for all ages based on her wealth of experience.

Online presentation with Nana and Mag. Susana Niedan-Feichtinger as guest speaker

Susanne Bernegger-Flintsch and Thomas Feichtinger talk about fasting, the alkaline cleansing fast, purging and deacidification.

Online presentation with Nana and Thomas Feichtinger

As the body’s largest organ, the skin is tremendously important for the organism’s optimal health. After a brief introduction to biochemistry according to Dr. Schuessler, numerous topics related to the skin are discussed in reference to Schuessler salts.

Online training, Schuessler salts for the skin

With Thomas Feichtinger

We hope you enjoy our exciting training in biochemistry according to Dr Schuessler!


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