Healthy sleep

When we truly sleep well, we really feel good and refreshed. Who doesn’t like to recall waking up genuinely well-rested and then starting the day full of vitality? Here you will find tips for what you can do for sound and healthy sleep.

Suggestions for healthy sleep

A good sleeping area is the basis for restful sleep. The fact that a proper place to sleep is a basic requirement for restorative sleep is often forgotten or even ridiculed. When we sleep, the organism is able to regenerate. The body cannot rest when a person is lying in bed in a burdened sleeping area.

Consequences include always feeling chilly, with cold hands and feet in particular, even with a heavy blanket. In the morning one may wake up with a headache, swollen tear sacs, tense neck muscles or rheumatoid pain. Some people say they feel as though they had been beaten.

Children are even more sensitive to such stresses. They may not want to sleep in their bed, or they are always falling out of bed as they avoid the discomfort. In general they are very unsettled while sleeping. A poor sleeping area can even result in bed wetting. This point is often disregarded in therapy.

Switching to a comfortable sleeping area is highly recommended. A qualified dowser can advise you on this.

The bed is important – mattress and more

The average person spends one third of their life asleep. This is when the body recuperates, important metabolic processes take place and the sleeper processes the day’s events. However, the night has to be truly restful to accomplish all of that. Here the mattress plays an important role.

There is no such thing as one perfect mattress to meet all needs. Everyone has to find out for themselves what their ideal mattress should provide.

Cold foam and latex are recommended in terms of materials. Spring mattresses are made of numerous interconnected metal springs. There are various types of spring mattresses, mainly to improve ventilation of the mattress. But watch out! If there are existing disturbance zones, the spring core amplifies them because the metal springs resonate in the disturbance zones.

Choosing natural materials for a mattress is important. A natural rubber core, horsehair, pure new wool and other natural materials are recommended. They help dissipate the moisture that is lost while sleeping, preventing it from accumulating.

As a general principle: Thoroughly test a mattress before you buy it! Get advice on what type of mattress is the best fit for you. A new mattress should be purchased every eight to ten years. A mattress is usually worn out by this time and hygiene also has to be considered.

The slatted frame, mattress and pillows should be tailored to each other and comfortable in all reclined positions, without any sagging. Support for the spine has to be provided, including for the cervical spine by the pillow. The slatted frame holds and supports the mattress so you can relax while lying down. A slatted frame made of wood is recommended, reinforced in the area of the back to compensate for the weight.

Blanket and bed linens

What covers us is just as important for the sleeping area. The blanket provides us with comforting warmth, ensuring that we do not get cold at night. It has to snuggle up against our body and should be of generous size rather than too small. Since the climate varies considerably over the course of the year, we usually need different blankets for the summer and winter. We should neither be cold nor sweating as we sleep.

Natural materials should be chosen for the bed linens as well. Sheets and pillowcases made of cotton, which can be made into the finest of materials today, are preferred. Bed linens made of bamboo or with aloe vera are also available today and these are recommended as well. They have a cooling effect, especially in the summer, and are pleasant on the skin.

When the basic prerequisites for good sleep have been met but problems are nevertheless encountered, one should take a look at what to change in the daily routine. Nutrition, stress, illness or mental stress factors are possible reasons to consider.

Naturally we are not able to examine all the possibilities here. Seeking medical help is highly advisable and important in case of severe or long lasting sleep disturbances.

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Healthy sleep

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