Training and seminars

The mission of GBA – Gesellschaft für Biochemie nach Dr. Schüßler und Antlitzanalyse – is to share the knowledge of biochemistry according to Dr Schuessler. GBA supports a healthy life defined by disease prevention and caring for one’s health. Flower essences from Dr Edward Bach are also used for healthcare and to improve emotional health.

Here you will find highly interesting education offers for training as a Mineral Consultant, Mineral Instructor/Seminar Leader and Bach Flower Consultant.

Professional training in Dr Schuessler’s biochemistry

Dr Schuessler’s biochemistry has developed into a folk healing method that is gaining increasing popularity thanks to its simplicity, also in Austria. In particular, it facilitates highly effective and far-reaching health protection. It is also used when generally available household remedies are no longer sufficient, or in case of chronic problems.

Time and time again, people feel the need to help family members and other fellow human beings using the means offered by Dr Schuessler’s biochemistry. This requires a more intensive examination of Dr Schuessler’s mineral doctrine.

Extensive further information is found on the GBA website at

Since all seminars and trainings take place in German, please follow the link to the German website of Adler Pharma to get more information.


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