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Schuessler cell complex remedies

All indications are based on experience in the field of Dr Schuessler’s biochemistry. The therapeutic effect spectrum is precisely defined for each Adler cell complex remedy. This means you as the customer know why you are taking the blend, ensuring therapy reliability.

The complex remedies for the seven leading indications

These specific blends of 6-7 Schuessler salts in one tablet enable uncomplicated and fast administration: Just let the tablets dissolve individually in the mouth!

Benefits of the cell complex remedies

  • The prepared blend in each tablet with the correct weighting simplifies the administration and application of these complex mixtures. Mixing the respective daily blend is not necessary.
  • The quantity that is taken daily can be reduced thanks to the specific effect of the special blends.
  • Precise instructions are provided for how and when you should take the Schuessler blends.
  • The recommended daily amount when taking the complex remedies is reduced compared to the daily blends  of individual Schuessler salts
  • When you mix your daily blend yourself, you need 6 or 7 Schuessler salts packages. With the complex remedies, you simply purchase 1 container with the correct, ready-made blend.
  • Also suitable for children
  • Can be combined with all individual Schuessler salts numbers

Schuessler Salts Podcast

Episode 5

Schuessler Complex Remedies: Cell Allergy Complex

Learn more about the Schuessler complex remedies and their application along with information about the Cell Allergy Complex in the following podcast.

Episode 6

Cell Calmin, Cell Vita, Cell Immuferin and Cell Nubliron

This podcast covers the Schuessler complex remedies Cell Calmin, Cell Vita, Cell Immuferin and Cell Nubliron. How is it possible to feel weak and tired, yet be unable to sleep at night? How can one keep calm during stressful times? How can people boost their defences to avoid “catching every bug” and always getting sick? For anyone suffering from forgetfulness due to stress, Cell Nubliron is a good option to counteract these effects.

Episode 7

Schuessler Complex Remedies: Cell Euclim and Cell Juvebene

This podcast covers Cell Euclim, the Schuessler complex remedy for women in all life phases. It not only helps women during menopause but also alleviates period cramps in young women. In this podcast, Susana Niedan-Feichtinger (Master of Pharmacy) discusses the complaints for which it provides helpful support and how the hormone balance can be influenced with Schuessler salts. You also learn how the Schuessler complex remedy Cell Juvebene can support the growth of children and adolescents. To conclude this series, the relationship between Schuessler salts and nutrient combinations is explained.

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