Adler presentations and seminars

Adler Pharma’s credo from the outset has been to not only offer products of outstanding quality, but to impart knowledge in the field of Schuessler salts to pharmacy staff through seminars. 

Adler Pharma imparts knowledge

Regular in-house training, base seminars and short seminars on certain topics improve the technical expertise of local pharmacy employees.

Strengthening the consulting expertise of pharmacists was and remains the leading objective of our seminars and presentations. Participants gain knowledge that can be used for straightforward customer consultations the very next day.

GBA, the Association for Biochemistry and Facial Analysis (Gesellschaft für Biochemie und Antlitzanalyse), was formed in 2001. This supported the sharing of more in-depth knowledge of Dr Schuessler’s biochemistry in the interest of gaining technical consulting expertise as a trained Mineral Consultant.

The consultants’ convention has been held annually for 20 years as an important continuing education component for active Schuessler consultants. Taking part in this event for trained Mineral Consultants, which is held annually in September, was free and remains so to this day.

Consultants are always interested in continuing education and the consultants’ convention in particular shows how much Dr Schuessler’s healing method changes. Incorporating new information is essential for integrating this healing method into our modern era. 

The Adler Academy was established to converge Adler Pharma’s training activities under one roof and to continue developing our seminars.

Schuessler online training on various topics is currently being provided by the Adler Academy. On the following pages, you will find links to past presentations exclusively for pharmacy staff. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about Dr Schuessler’s biochemistry. Whenever and wherever you want.

Here you will find an overview of dates for training offered by the GBA, Adler Academy and Bachblüten Ausbildungs Institut Ruth E. Zimmermann.