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Zell Euclim

For cycle irregularities and menopause complaints
PZN: 4286499
menopause complaints
cycle irregularities
period cramps
Sleeping disorders
hot flashes
Gluten free
Highest gustatory quality
No magnesium stearate
In-house production according to GMP

Zell Euclim helpps in cycle irregularities and menopausal symptoms such as:

  • period cramps
  • mood
  • nervousness, sleep disorders
  • hot flashes

Contained Schuessler salts:

No. 2 Calcium phosphoricum D6
No. 7 Magnesium phosphoricum D6
No. 13 Kalium arsenicosum D12
No. 14 Kalium bromatum D12
No. 19 Cuprum arsenicosum D12
No. 25 Aurum chloratum natronatum D12

Pack size: 100g

Information on effects and possible adverse effects is provided in the leaflet, doctor or pharmacist.

Cycle irregularities:
Of these, women of all ages may be affected from the onset of the first period. In the foreground is an unreasonably occurring period, characterized by a certain instability of the cycle. This includes both too frequent as well as infrequent menstrual bleeding of women of childbearing age. It can lead to mood swings and nervousness in times of ovulation, which causes a significant impairment of the well-being of the woman.

menopausal symptoms:
At the beginning of menopause, frequent and excessive menstrual bleeding often occurs. Characteristic of this time are an increase in the tendency to mood swings, the occurrence of the well-known hot flashes and often complained of falling asleep and staying asleep.

Administration of Zell Euclim:

Let the tablets dissolve individually in the mouth. Administration is simple and fast since each tablet contains the finished blend.

For information on effects and possible adverse effects, see the package leaflet, doctor or pharmacist.

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