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Zell Gelenkskomplex

For the alleviation of joint pain due to various causes
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joint pain
osteoarthritis, arthritis
Gluten free
Highest gustatory quality
No magnesium stearate
In-house production according to GMP

The uses are based on the applications of Dr Schuessler’s biochemistry:

For the alleviation of joint pain due to various causes, such as:

•       Painful acute and chronic diseases of the locomotor system, in particular the joints, notably signs           of wear due to excessive or improper strain

•       Rheumatic joint pain

•       Degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis, arthritis and joint swelling

Contained Schuessler salts:

No.2  Calcium phosphoricum D6
No.3  Ferrum phosphoricum D12
No.4  Kalium chloratum D6  
No.8  Natrium chloratum D6 
No.9  Natrium phosphoricum D6  
No.11 Silicea D12 10
No.12 Calcium sulfuricum D6

For information on effects and possible adverse effects, see the package leaflet, doctor or pharmacist.

Package size: 100g

Cell joint complex is used to treat painful acute and chronic joint diseases, osteoarthritis, arthritis and swelling in the area of the joints. It alleviates pain, protects the bone substance and promotes cartilage formation and regeneration. Cell joint complex contains a balanced blend of 7 Schuessler salts in one tablet.

Administration of Zell Gelenkskomplex:

Let the tablets dissolve individually in the mouth. Administration is simple and fast since each tablet contains the finished blend.


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