Schuessler chewable tablets

KTA No. 5 Kalium phosphoricum D6

Chewable tablets
PZN: 4523887
Gluten free
In-house production according to GMP

Schuessler chewable tablets       

  • suitable for people with lactose intolerance
  • suitable for diabetics
  • good for your tooth
  • without wheat starch, therefore gluten-free

The Schuessler chewable tablets contain isomalt and mannitol as the main ingredients, they have a very low glycemic index (2!)  and therefore are suitable for persons with lactose intolerance and diabetics.  

  • Regarding potentisation and dosage, and in terms of Dr Schuessler’s biochemical healing method, the Schuessler chewable tablets are used 1:1.
  • So that you can better keep the individual Schuessler salts apart, all tablets are marked with the corresponding number.
  • Schuessler chewable tablets from Adler Pharma are tooth-friendly, because they do not cause tooth decay, because isomalt is not split in the mouth. This avoids plaque formation. The remineralization of previous caries damage is positively influenced.
  • Please note that the chewable tablets may NOT be given to animals due to their composition. Animals cannot metabolise isomalt!
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