Schuessler salts

Die heiße Sieben

for the onset of migraine, acute cramps and colic. . Powder to dissolve.
PZN: 5690972
Menstrual cramps
Gastrointestinal colics
Birth pains and cramps
Gluten free
Highest gustatory quality
In-house production according to GMP
No magnesium stearate

The "hot 7" is a powder for the preparation of a solution to be taken in acute cramp complaints such as

  • Colic and spasms of the smooth muscles of the digestive tract
    These include gastrointestinal colic and painful flatulence. Constipations can be relieved by "The Hot Seven" within a short time. The hot seven" is also used for any form of colic-like pain in the smooth muscles and for cramps in the upper abdomen.
  • Menstrual cramps and accompanying birth in labour and cramping pains
    The uterine muscles are also smooth muscles, which is why "The Hot Seven" also helps with menstrual cramps. For women, "The Hot Seven" is an important companion to find relief from menstrual cramps and can also be taken as a preventive measure. "Hot Seven" is also a valuable companion during childbirth because it regulates contractions and relieves cramping. Taken in time, it can also prevent cramp contractions.

Also for functional complaints such as

  • incipient migraine or migraine-like headaches
  • nerve pain
  • nervous tension, such as stage fright and stress

The areas of application are derived from the experience of biochemistry according to Dr. Schüßler.

PZN: 5690972

Mode of application

To take.
Dissolve the contents of one sachet in 250 ml (equivalent to 1 teacup) of freshly boiled hot water and drink in sips.

The recommended dose is Adults, adolescents and children over 6 years:
As needed up to 3 times daily 1 sachet.
If the symptoms improve, reduce the frequency of use.
Use in children under 6 years is not recommended due to lack of data.

This medicine can be taken up to immediately before eating or from 15 minutes after eating.

Duration of use
If you do not feel better or even worse after 14 days, contact your doctor.


No. 7 Magnesium phosphoricum D6 Trituration,
2.5 g per stick