Cleansing treatment

BaseCare basic bath

Supports the degradation of pollutants and acids through the skin.
PZN: 3973051

The skin is the body’s largest excretory organ. Therefore, a reduction of pollutants and acids on the skin makes sense. If it is desired to relieve pollutants via a bath, the bath temperature should be above the body temperature, so it should be above 37 ° C. Due to the basic pH of the pool water, the body is induced to excrete acid through the skin to balance the pH to the physiological value of about 7.4. So there is an osmotic pressure through which acid can be discharged through the skin. 


Twice a week for about 30 to 50 minutes at 37 – 38 ° C: for a full bath 3 full tablespoons;

Feet, lower leg or hand baths: 1 tbsp

People with high blood pressure, circulatory difficulties or even heart problems must not perform baths above body temperature. For them, the ideal bathing temperature is 35 ° to 36.5 ° C. BaseCare is to be used exclusively for bathing or as a mask, do not take it! Do not put in eyes or on the mucous membranes.