Cleansing treatment

Cell Basic Sticks

Cell Basic is a complex mixture of Schüssler salts in powder form.
PZN: 5422160

From now on, the Zell Basic powder is available in convenient sticks, resulting in many advantages for you as a user:

  • Convenient to take because the amount is pre-portioned, the number of sticks needed per day can be easily taken to work or travel.
  • Hygienically packaged - you tear open the individual sticks and put the powder directly into your mouth or into the prepared glass of water.
  • Eco-friendly paper packaging.

60x 3,5g



Dosage and intake of Zell Basic Sticks:

  • Tear open a stick and let the powder contents dissolve in the mouth: 

    At the beginning of the intake take 3 times 1 stick spread over the day. Let the powder melt in the mouth so that the Schuessler salts are absorbed through the oral mucosa.
    Increase the daily intake within 10 days to 3 times 3 sticks.

  • Practical: dissolve the powder of 1 stick in water

    To do this, dissolve 1 stick in 250 ml of water and take in sips.
    Each sip should be kept in the mouth as long as possible to absorb the minerals through the oral mucosa.
    Repeat this process in the afternoon and evening.
    Slowly increase the intake amount within 10 days up to 3 sticks per 250 ml of water. 
  • Duration of intake:
    A treatment, once or twice a year is recommended. If necessary
    Zell Basic can also be taken over a longer period of time.


Zell Basic contains the following Schüßler salts:

No. 3 Ferrum phosphoricum, No. 4 Kalium chloratum, No. 5 Kalium phosphoricum, No. 6 Kalium sulfuricum, No. 8 Natrium chloratum, No. 9 Natrium phosphoricum, No. 10 Natrium sulfuricum, No. 11 Silicea, No. 12 Calcium sulfuricum, No. 16 Lithium chloratum, No. 19 Cuprum arsenicosum, No. 21 Zincum chloratum, No. 23 Natrium bicarbonicum, No. 26 Selenium