Yvo Series for children


YvoFlip globules in case of overexcitability and lack of concentration
PZN: 4795611
Lack of concentration
nervous palpitations
Voltage states

He jiggles and rocks, he traps and fidgets, it was even then in “The story of Zappel-Philip” and even today, many children have problems in school to sit still, to concentrate or even in the evening falling asleep to get rid of the inner tension although they are actually very exhausted. Diagnoses such as ADHD and hyperactivity are fast in the room. But often extreme nervousness and a high demand on oneself are the trigger for the pressure. The fear of failure makes the child explode with rage. Learning problems and a drop in performance from the late morning are often the result.

YvoFlip globules is a homeopathic combination of five different components, whose application is derived from the homeopathic drug pictures and complement each other.

The approved fields of application of YvoFlip are the following: Restlessness and hyperactivity of infants, children and adolescents    

  • in lack of concentration and memory weakness     
  • with nervous heart palpitations    
  • at voltage states   
  • in insomnia and to calm down during the day in schoolchildren


Information on effects and possible adverse effects is provided in the leaflet, doctor or pharmacist.

The use of this homeopathic medicine in the mentioned areas of application is based exclusively on homeopathic experience.

Melt the globules in the mouth.

Composition: 1 g (about 120 globules) contain:
Ambra grisea D12
Argentum nitricum D12
Potassium bromate D12
Phosphorus D12
Zincum isovalerianicum D12