Yvo Series for children

Yvo Sniff

Globules for allergic rhinitis
PZN: 4795628
Itching in the nose
Runny nose
swollen nasal mucosa

In the case of allergies, it is especially important for children to find a good, tolerable, gentle but effective therapy. Yvo Sniff can alleviate the symptoms of allergies, such as runny nose, itching in the nose and eyes, lacrimation and swollen nose and eye mucosa.

YvoSniff pillules is a homeopathic combination of 6 different ingredients, their fields of application are derived from the homeopathic drug pictures and complement each other.

The approved fields of application of Yvo Sniff (tooth-friendly globules, without sucrose) are:

  • itching in the nose,runny nose
  • swollen nose and eye mucosa
  • Eyestrain and lacrimation


The use of this homeopathic medicine in the mentioned areas of application is based exclusively on homeopathic experience.

Melt the globules in the mouth.

For information on effects and possible adverse effects, see the package leaflet, doctor or pharmacist.

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